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Turnkey Vapor Hazard Mitigation & Detection

ACT in Southern California provides turnkey environmental installation services for site owners, developers, and builders facing issues with contaminated soil or groundwater. Our expertise covers the full spectrum of environmental construction services, including combustible soil gas hazard mitigation and gas detection alarm systems.

Restoring Brownfields

No matter where you are, if you are on contaminated soil, we get involved. Our staff of professional engineers has experience with code enforcement along with research and development for common methane gas and soil VOC intrusion prevention products. You can turn to us for everything from on-site contamination testing to developing a work plan and seeking approval from relevant agencies. Then we ensure the systems are fully installed and inspected properly. We handle all the details.

Soil Vapor Intrusion Mitigation

When you want to develop on a site that has soil contamination, we offer design and build services for soil vapor intrusion systems. Our gas vapor and methane mitigation systems prevent buildings from becoming contaminated. Depressurization and soil/groundwater vapor remediation systems are also installed by us.

Gas Detection & Alarm Systems

We also install gas detection systems with alarms and audiovisual alarms that go off and contact a private, third-party to come out to the location. If the level is high enough, the system may contact the fire department. We also provide maintenance for these systems.

Other Services:

• Gas Vapor Barrier Installation
• Landfill Liner Construction
• General Plumbing & Construction
• Excavation & Grading
• Slope Stabilization
• Drainage Improvement
• Oil Well Abandonment & Ventin